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Wollongong Removals have a friendly and experienced team of staff who will happily and efficiently take care of your relocation.



Everybody knows that moving can be a daunting and even frustrating task, but with help from professionals, the whole experience can in fact be a positive one.

A versatile range of trucks, competitive pricing and a professional attitude guarantee you that your goods will be best looked after and that your move will be as painless as possible.

Servicing Wollongong, Sydney and the whole east coast from Nowra, Ulladulla and below to Newcastle, Port Macquarie and above.

Our large variety of trucks helps us to ensure that we have the perfect solution for every client and every relocation job.



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No job is too big or small! We are equipped with a large range of trucks and a staff-base who have extensive experience in big office and industrial relocations. Call for a quote or take advantage of our competitive hourly rate with removalists who are hard working and efficient.


Commercial moves and pre-packing is a breeze with our services.

Commercial moves and pre-packing is a breeze with our services.

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Do you want to feel assured that your beloved piano is going to be nurtured carefully in the move? We have all the right tools and men to get the job done in the best possible way.

Don't risk second rate removalists!

Every move is different and you can trust us to assess the situation and choose the best method possible in regards to safety and care for your piano.



If you need to store stuff in the short term or for years then you can be assured of our secure and competitively priced storage options. Call now or click on the link below for a quote. we are at your service and we are happy to safely look after your property.


Lockable weather-proof storage containers also available for long term storage.

Lockable weather-proof storage containers also available for long term storage.

Professional pre-packing service also available.

Professional pre-packing service also available.


A move is always easier and quicker when things are packed properly and safely. We are able to help with boxes, tape and whatever else you need to get the job done, or we can do the whole lot for you. Call now or use the quote link below for a quote. We are at your service!



Do I need Insurance? The short answer is, Yes you do. It is inevitable that there may be damage to your goods inspite of the best intentions of the best removalist. It should be remembered that furniture was never supposed to be moved and was not built to withstand being jolted in a truck, even with the best packing.

What happens if I can't be at the property when the furniture arrives? You need to make arrangements to have a person who will act as your agent and can take delivery of your goods at the time you have agreed with the removalist if you are unable to be there yourself. If you can't do this, you may need to make arrangements with the removalist to store your goods until you can take delivery. Under no circumstances will your property be left at an address without you being in attendance. In this situation, there may also be a storage fee, extra handling charges and a redelivery fee.

Is the price worked out on an hourly basis or by a cubic volume? This depends on the arrangements you make with the removalist. It should be clearly stated on the contract at the time of signing.

When do I have to pay for the work that is done? Do I have to pay up front? This needs to be agreed between you and the removalist before the job is commenced. In most instances you will be expected to pay upon uplift, except on local removals where payment may be agreed when delivery is made.

Can I pack my own boxes? You can pack your own boxes but if there are any breakages in those boxes, the removalist will take no responsibility nor will these items be covered by insurance.

Do I have to pay for the time it takes for the trucks to arrive at my house from their depot and back again? Yes. If you are in any doubt, you should ask the removalist before you begin the removal if this charge is included in the price and if it is not, how much extra it will be.

What happens if my furniture is damaged or broken? If it can be proved that the removalist was negligent in causing the damage or that he did not use due care and skill, you may be able to request that they repair any damage. However, if there is damage and there was no negligence displayed, the repair will need to be paid for by insurance. If you are not insured, you will have no recourse to any compensation.

What sort of documentation do I need to sign? You should have an AFRA or industry approved contract and your insurance forms. If you are moving interstate or into storage, you should also have an inventory that should be signed by both parties at uplift and at delivery. It is unwise to proceed with any removal if you do not have a contract.

Where can I get information about how to prepare for a removal? You should be given all the information by your chosen removalist, or request a full copy of the free Moving Guide Kit from AFRA.

Can I move my plants? Moving plants is fraught with dangers. You should consult with your removalist. Some will be happy to move your plants others will not. In circumstances where you are moving goods into storage, storing plants is not practical. In some instances, moving plants interstate is forbidden, depending on State importation laws.

If I have to move out of my house before the new place is ready, can a removalist help me with storage or do I have to do this myself? Yes. Your removalist will be able to assist you with storage. In most instances they have storage facilities that are specific for furniture storage and afford the best security available.

Where can I get packing materials? These are available from your removalist.

How do they send my furniture? Does it stay in the same truck that picks it up? If you are moving from one house to another on the same day, your furniture will be picked up and delivered in the same vehicle. If you are moving interstate, your furniture may be re-stowed at the removalist depot and made ready for a longer journey. You should ask your removalist if you have any concerns.

Do they back load? Back loading is a term first coined in the late 19th century when horse and carts were used. It means picking up a load in a town they have just made a delivery to. Many people mistakenly believe that this means of carrying costs are cheaper. This is not necessarily the case as the costs are not reduced simply because they have to return. However, you need to speak to your removalist about this.

Can I ask the removalist to pack the way I want them to? You can do this, but unless you have training as a packer, it is unlikely you will have the skill to do this correctly. It may also affect your insurance and if there are any breakages, the removalist cannot be held responsible.

Am I expected to give the removalists any food or drinks when they are working? You are not expected to do this. However, providing water for the workmen is much appreciated.

Should the removalists remove their shoes/boots when walking in the house? Not necessarily. If you are concerned with the flooring being damaged, you should mention this to your removalist. There are excellent coverings available that give protection.

If my furniture is wrapped in plastic, will it sweat? The plastic used by removalists to cover furniture is specially designed for this purpose. However, if your furniture is damp before it is wrapped, there may be problem. If the removalist notices any dampness, they will point this out to you and most probably refuse to cover in plastic, but use removal blankets as an alternative.

Is there anything I have to do to prepare appliances such as washing machines before the removal? You should always refer to the manufacturers instructions. It is imperative that washing machines be prepared properly as these are easily damaged. It is not the removalist's responsibility to do this and any damage resulting will not be the removalist's responsibility.

How should I prepare my fridge? This should be emptied and wiped clean throughout. If it is going into storage, wiping the interior with vanilla essence will help keep any mildew at bay. The removal company will store the fridge in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

Can I move food? If the removal occurs on the same day and all boxes and jars are properly sealed, this is possible. No food will be acceptable for storage unless it is canned or vacuum-sealed.

No job is too big or small! We are equipped with a large range of trucks and a staff-base who have extensive experience in big office and industrial relocations. Call for a quote or take advantage of our competitive hourly rate with removalists who are hard working and efficient.



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